Spring Time in the Rockies

The old folk song sings, “Its springtime in Alaska and its 40 blow.” Johnny Cash & June Carter may be right about the temperatures in America’s last frontier however, the Historic Williams Ranch is located in the Rocky Mountain West of South Park, Colorado.  Temperature on the HWRanch have maintained their crisp spring time nip however, we have recently seen the forest floor’s first sign of spring life.

Pulsatilla "Pasque" Flower

While hiking around the forest of South Park’s Tarryall Valley, during this month of April, we have spotted the first of many Pulsatilla.  Commonly known as the Pasque Flower, the Pulsatilla, or wind flower, prairie crocus, meadow anemone, or Easter Flower have brought a beautiful pastel blueish purple color to the HWRanch.  This early spring flower has been used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes to counteract rheumatism and sleeping disorders before modern medicine.  Beware; the Pulsatilla contains a toxic that slows the heart in humans and animals.  Although this plant has been used for medicinal purposes for practical reasons just remember that consumption may create problems.  Even touch may cause skin irritations and discomfort.

As you are hiking through the Colorado Rockies this Spring, be sure to breath in the beauty of the isolated West.  If you have the opportunity to visit the HWRanch and recreate through activities of fly fishing, hiking, hunting, or mountain biking be cautious of this beautiful spring time flower known as the Pulsatilla.  Although uncommon to severely affect humans with minimal contact, large consumption may cause problems to pets.  If you choose to visit the HWRanch and bring your four legged companion along for the recreation, be sure to watch its mannerisms when approaching this beautiful flower.  We now know through this first indication of floral life,once rain is brought to the Tarryall Valley, Historic Williams Ranch will be flooded with beautiful springtime growth and color.  Let us add some breath taking beauty and change of pace to your life; please visit us through our Contact Us Page.

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