Fishing South Park

When visiting the Historic Williams Ranch, located on the Tarryall Creek, take advantage of the numerous world class fishing opportunities located in South Park, Colorado.  Not only can we offer you a leg up on the hook set, but we can direct you towards some world class fly fishing.  Fisheries where in which the proper insect selection, a keen eye, positive hook set and a deep breath of your surroundings is imperative to an angler’s success.  If you choose enlist the expertise of our Fish-A-Long service or summon your skills to the rising occasion, you will be assured to have experienced world class fly fishing.  South Park offers many high-altitude reservoirs and lakes in addition to its extensive tailwater river system.  As you come to understand the world class fisheries located in South Park; let us share provide memories that will last a lifetime; experience Colorado’s finest.

Checking for Availability

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you check available times prior to booking your fishing trip.  The Historic Williams Ranch section of the Tarryall Creek is leased to South Park Trout for a good portion of the prime fishing season.  They will verify available dates and provide additional fly fishing and guiding opportunities on other nearby private ranches with access to a variety of other fishing experiences.  We expect to have a single scheduling tool in place soon.  So first verify lodging availability here and then go to South Park Trout to verify available fishing dates on the Ranch.  It is also good to know that there are many other public and private fishing opportunities in addition to our Ranch.  Some public fishing opportunities are listed below.

Tarryall Reservoir

Tarryall Reservoir State Wildlife Area is a local favorite for fly fishermen and anglers alike as well as families and children.  This high altitude reservoir is easily accessible by foot and can be walked around with relative ease.  It is approximately 165 acres with depths reach 30 plus feet that yields sizeable fish of numerous species.  Its headwaters are fed by Tarryall Creek that meanders through meadow ranch land where stream fishing can be accessed with the stillwater.  Tarryall Creek further discharges below its artistically designed dam where limited public access is granted.  For premier access to Tarryall Creek see the access and amenities of Historic Williams Ranch (


Spinney Mountain Reservoir

Spinney Mountain Ranch State Park, this gold medal reservoir is the gate to the legendary and technical Charlie Meyers Recreation Area.  This State Wildlife reservoir houses some true trophy fish that will be sure to give your arm and fly rod and reel a run for its money.  With access to the fish by boat, float tube or from shore anglers will have a many opportunities to hook up with limitless possibilities and an action filled day.  The spring time mayfly hatches are prolific in this prime fly fishing destination.  You can make wakes with a streamer through the numerous drop-offs and ledges or a fish a dry adult mayfly or caddis over the weed beds.


Charlie Meyer Recreation Area

Commonly known as the Dream Stream; this tailwater contained within its 1,376 acres designated as a Colorado State Wildlife Area.  Where anglers “hunt” world class trophy brown and rainbow trout, this gold medal fishery discharges below Spinney Mountain Reservoir and into Eleven Mile Reservoir.   During prime pre and post spawning periods, anglers have likely shots at large handsome brown trout, beautifully bold rainbow trout, vibrantly warm cutthroat trout and prehistoric land locked kokanee salmon.  This property can be fished year round and is epic during the spring and fall months.  A Colorado Native Guide is recommended for this property.


Eleven Mile Reservoir

Eleven Mile Reservoir State Park is a claim of fame for Colorado. When not reeling in a brown trout, rainbow trout, kokanee salmon, northern pike, or common carp, outdoor participants can enjoy five miles of hiking and biking trails that await exploration.  In addition to its wonderful facilities, there are numerous hunting opportunities that extend from big game to waterfowl.  Check out the marina and numerous other flats for cruising trophy fish.  Many fishing spots are accessible from shore, belly boat, canoe or watercraft.


Eleven Mile Canyon

The South Platte River below Eleven Mile Reservoir is a scenic wonder.  With tumbling torrents and wide pools this portion of the South Platte River provides many occasions for a bent fishing rod.   This would be a great half day fishing trip to work into your schedule if you are planning to visit the Lake George community.  Eleven Mile Canyon is a great year round fly fishing destination for all angling skill sets.   The river in the upper portion of the canyon does not freeze during the winter however stays cool during the warm summer months.


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