The private HW Ranch and the surrounding BLM land allows for fantastic hiking, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, mountain bike riding opportunities and much more.  If you are looking for an experience of quiet luxury and a vacation from high traffic bi-ways and outdoor trails, then a trip to the Historic Williams Ranch fits the bill.

In an effort to provide our clients access to the broad terrain and freedom to explore, we have created a set of maps to guide them on their outdoor expeditions through the property and public land.  The maps identify different trails that individuals, groups, and families might enjoy.

Please pay special attention to the fact that you will be in a wilderness area that is not as frequently visited as many high mountain hiking trails.  There is a checklist below listing the items we recommend you bring with you on your hike.  The wildlife you may encounter will range from Deer, Elk, Big Horn Sheep, Coyote, Porcupine,  Bald Eagle, Mountain Lion, and Bear so we recommend that you bring any necessary tools for your own protection.

As you are preparing yourself to enjoy a vacation at the Ranch, here are some items you will want to pack:

  1. Hiking Boots
  2. Day / Frame Pack
  3. Canteen / Bottle
  4. Warm Clothing
  5. Wool Socks
  6. Wool Gloves
  7. Wool Hat
  8. Parka / Raincoat
  9. Toilet Paper
  10. First Aid Kit
  11. Ace Bandage Wraps
  12. Snacks
  13. Lunch
  14. Compass / GPS
  15. Plastic Bags
  16. Rope
  17. Swiss Army Knife
  18. Mole Skin
  19. Flashlight
  20. Camera
  21. Cell Phone (Verizon received in many areas)
  22. Gators (if you walk through the creek)
  23. Bear Spray
  24. Whistle

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