Tarryall Mountain Farms

Tarryall Mountain Farms a non-profit, small, high altitude, sustainable and educational farm located in the historic Tarryall Valley of central Colorado. Located at 8800′ (where the weather is interesting throughout the year) and along a meandering stretch of the Tarryall River (with fertile subirrigated bottom land) we continue to pursue an ever widening range of responsible farming practices and techniques to produce high quality produce. Our goal is to learn and share, combining the best practices of the early Tarryall and South Park pioneers with modern sustainability to help create a more healthy future.We are proud to announce that our produce is now Certified Naturally Grown.

We provide produce for sale at the farm and locally, provide educational opportunities for groups and individuals and provide free fresh produce to local individuals and charitable organizations in Park, Teller and El Paso counties.

Visit the Tarryall Mountain Farms Website.

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