Cabin Renovation Update

We visited the Cabin today to check on the status of the Renovation. The place looks spectacular with the granite flooring, re-claimed lumber flooring, the walls are a combination or original hewn logs, stone work, beetle kill pine, and a little drywall. Place is going to be very comfortable.

The contractors were working on the out building today. This building, not shown in the video probably hasn’t had work done on it in literally a hundred years. Our plan is that this building will house gear, some food storage, and possibly an temporary cot for a guide.

Beautiful Day!

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2011 Hunting Big Game Trips Now Posted

The Historic Williams Ranch has secured a number of vouchers for areas 501, 50, and 500. We have packaged these vouchers with stay and optional guiding services by Colorado Premier Guides. Please select from the options below to learn more.

Muzzle Loading Early

  • September 9-12
  • 3 Nights 3 Days
  • 3 Deer Vouchers
  • Cabin Stay up to 6
  • Includes a Pet Kennel
  • Guiding Options Continue reading
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Free Fishing Weekend Colorado (CDOW)

Annually, the Colorado Division of Wildlife bows out of the coffers and promotes a FREE FISHING WEEKEND on this first weekend of June.  This Saturday and Sunday, June 4th & 5th, non-typical anglers can experience sport fishing at its finest.  Young or old, the Historic Williams Ranch & Colorado Premier Guides recommends that everyone take advantage of this promotion by seeking an affluent angler and heading to the hot-spot.

Although license and habitat stamp fees are waived for this weekend, normal regulations apply.  Please see the CDOW’s 2011 fishing regulation brochure as all regulations remain in effect and will be enforced.  Also be mindful of the epic amount of snow accumulation still held in the high country.  Many consecutive warm days will bring that solid water into Colorado’s watershed promoting a forceful runoff.  Please be careful when wading across any body of water or fishing out of a boat.  Anyone who uses a watercraft for sport fishing purposes should wear an approved flotation life preserver.

If you’re interested in information for fishing, hunting or historical lodging please contact the Historic Williams Ranch by phone at 720-340-1182. At minimum please take advantage of June’s free fishing weekend as many things in life are few and free between.

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River Thugs: Northern Pike

Northern "River Thug" Pike

The winter and snow in South Park, CO disappeared quickly this late winter and early spring.  Ice freed from the banks of the river and still water, while fish life was apparently abundant.  Walking from the lower property bounds upstream I approached a large riffled run that flumed into an open deep pool known as “Beaver Crossing.” Upon approach with my 4wt R.L. Winston in hand rigged with a finely tuned nymph rig I began working this large slow moving pool.

Suddenly, as I dropped my rig upstream at the end of the riffled run, waiting for my flies to sink and drop into the deep dark pool I noticed a large log like shadow move upward from behind a stick pinned boulder.  As an initial reaction, thinking it was a massive brown trout, I quickly came to the realization that it was a dense and hefty northern pike.  Reeling up my nymph rig and cutting it off at a thick section of my tapered leader I quickly tied on an olive size 4 Silvey’s Sculpin Leech with a no slip loop knot. Continue reading

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Spring Time in the Rockies

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The old folk song sings, “Its springtime in Alaska and its 40 blow.” Johnny Cash & June Carter may be right about the temperatures in America’s last frontier however, the Historic Williams Ranch is located in the Rocky Mountain West … Continue reading

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